The Golte Regional Park offers many opportunities for hiking and walks that will fill your mind with energy and make your body feel pleasantly tired. Temperatures are generally 10 degrees lower than in the valley, so the air temperature will refresh you in the summer months. Hiking is mostly carried out on undemanding paths and is therefore suitable for families, elderly and pets. We have selected the 12 best routes for you, with hikes lasting from 1 to 5 hours. This way you will be able to choose the most suitable one for your abilities and time.

For families and the elderly we recommend one of the circular paths along the Golte regional park or a visit to the highest peak, Boskovec 1,588 m. For the fitter visitors, hower, we would suggest one of the paths from the valley to the top or the path to Smrekovec.

Before leaving for the mountains, you should pick out the right footwear (we recommend hiking shoes), take hiking poles and do not forget to take some drinks. You can also refresh and replenish yourself at the hotel, at Trije Ploti or at the Mozirje lodge. Before leaving, check the weather conditions and forecast, and operation of the devices!


Want a guided tour?

At the reception of the hotel you can also arrange a guided excursion with experienced guides that will take you through the Golte Regional Park and reveal a lot of interesting stories.

We also offer you the rental of hiking poles for Nordic walking, and our professionally qualified sports animators will be happy to teach you the basics of Nordic walking.


Circular trails along Golte (in the brackets there are colors on the map)

1. Rabbit’s Trail (orange)

2. Bear’s Trail (red)

3. Chamois’ Trail (green)

4. Wild Rooster’s Trail (blue)

Mountain paths

1. Eagle’s Trail

2. Boskovec – 1588

3. Žekovec to Golte – 1410

4. Rečica to Golte 1 – 1410

5. Rečica to Golte 2 – 1410

6. Ljubno to Golte – 1410

7. Smrekovec – 1577

8. Mrzli Vrh – 1274



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