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Summertime Activities


Path Along the Golte

A number of natural, cultural and historic attractions can be seen along the Golte thematic path. It is suitable for experienced alpinists as well as families with children and is very popular among mountain runners.

The 6.5 kilometre-long Golte path starts at the Golte Hotel and ascends 380 metres. It can be completed in a 2-3 hours’ walk. Challenge-hungry hikers can also extend their walk an extra hour by trekking up to Golte’s highest peak, Boskovec (1,588 m).

  • Alpine thematic path with a guide
  • Unspoiled nature and beautiful hidden corners
  • A free map
  • Signposts with descriptions

A walk along the Golte path offers you many breath-taking natural and manmade attractions. You will be able to see a memorial plaque marking the escape of the first former Yugoslav Army helicopter and the town where in the winter of 1944 the 14th division crossed the Golte plateau. At an altitude of 1,530 metres, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the lake with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background.

You will get to witness the unusual yet breath-taking karst phenomena, such as chasms, funnel-shaped basins, rock-shelters and the Ledenica cave, which due to its position allows the formation and preservation of ice throughout the year.

The path will then lead you down a pasture to the west side of the mountain to a shepherd's lodge, and all the way to the unique spot (Jezerca), where you can still enjoy serine silence with a view of unspoiled nature. The adrenaline hungry among you can climb to the highest peak of the Golte plateau called Boskovec (1,588 m).



Golte is a true mountain bikers’ paradise. The Alpine Garden is starting point for mountain bikers and the finish line for road cyclists, as there is an asphalt road leading up to it. Mountain bikers have the opportunity to choose different cycling tours in the direction of Ljubno, Smrekovec, Topolšica, Črna na Koroškem, Mozirje and the Logar Valley.

  • Panoramic paths and unforgettable views
  • Adrenaline mountain descent
  • Family cycling trips
  • Suitable for mountain and road cyclists

Numerous cycling routes allow you to spend your leisure time in the fresh mountain air. Go for an adrenaline ride down empty mountain roads and goat-tracks, or enjoy the company of your loved ones on a family biking trip.

After your cycling trip, you can treat yourself to refreshments in one of the alpine cottages or at the Golte Hotel’s restaurant.

We also recommend relaxing in our wellness centre. And don’t forget, you can also take your bike on the cable car!


Alpine Garden

The Alpine Garden lies at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,400 metres above sea level (subalpine belt) on an area of 2 hectares. It is among the highest lying and the most accessible alpine gardens in Europe. The park has an alpine flora with over 100 species of plants typical of the Kamniško-Savinjska alpine world.

During an hour-long stroll through the Alpine Garden you will be able to admire the unusual vegetation that thrives beautifully in demanding and unbearable mountain conditions. You will learn which flowers have special medicinal properties and enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and the surrounding mountain peaks.

  • The most accessible alpine park in Europe
  • Designated paths and plantations of alpine flowers
  • Fun and educational animation
  • Guided tours for groups

A visit to the Alpine Garden will surely become a very pleasant memory, as you will walk along the natural science trail to discover the numerous tree and animal species that inhabit this place, enjoy boundless views of the valley and the surrounding peaks, peek through the natural window and recharge your energy at several energy points.

Access to the Alpine Garden is free of charge. We also provide a guided tour of the Alpine Garden by prior order.

Five minutes’ walk from the Alpine Garden is the Chapel of Jesus – the Good Shepherd. It was built in 1993 and is part of the parish church in Šmihel above Mozirje. The hand-painted motif of the shepherd invites visitors and is also a popular location for church weddings.

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