For Schools and Kintergardens

You are invited to the Mozirje cottage during summer, where children will develop a positive and responsible attitude towards nature and learn cooperation. In the Landscape Park you will encounter unusual, but breath-taking karst phenomena, such as abysses, collapse dolines, overhangs and the Ledenica Cave on Golte.


In an hour-long walk through the Alpine Garden, you will be able to admire the unusual vegetation that beautifully thrives in demanding and unbearable mountain conditions. You will find out which flowers have a special healing power and enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and the surrounding peaks.


We can offer you various workshops, such as bread baking, getting to know herbs, and preparing herbal teas.


You can also try all sports activities that we offer – try climbing on a climbing wall, descend along an attractive zip line, or explore the lake on SUP-s at Trije ploti. We also organize tours of a planetarium and observation of celestial bodies with telescopes.

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