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Wellness Centre Above the Clouds


Sauna centre

The Wellness Centre Above the Clouds offers four different types of saunas: a steam sauna (44-45 °C, 100% humidity), a Finnish sauna (90-100 °C, 5-10% humidity), a bio sauna (55-60 °C, 30-50% humidity) and an infrared sauna (35-45 °C, 30-50% humidity).

You can enjoy an icy geyser, where you can cool down after a visit to the sauna and treat yourself to ice skin peeling. Before each entry into the sauna, it is advisable to soak the feet in warm water, which is why there is also a larger bath with warm water in the sauna rooms.

  • Guided sauna ritual
  • Ice geyser
  • Warm foot bath
  • Refreshing beverages

Opening hours:
Every day from 14:00 to 21:00.

Dear guests!
Entrance in wellness for children from 5 to 14 years old is possible from 14:00 to 16:00
Thank you for your understanding.

For more information and reservations, please contact us at or by telephone on the number: +386 3 839 62 50.


A place to rest

An important part of the wellness centre service is also having a rest, the quality of which is ensured by an appropriately serine environment.

The Stratus (98 m2, 24 wooden upholstered deck chairs) and Cumulus (48 m2, 13 sun loungers) rest areas with large panoramic windows offer a view of the beautiful natural surroundings. Calm music, natural light, soothing herbal tea and a peaceful and clean environment are a perfect combination that guarantees a relaxing rest.

  • Relaxation above the clouds (Stratus and Cumulus)
  • Comfortable loungers
  • Wonderful view of nature
  • Wellness at 1.410 metres above sea level

Massages and treatments

For massages we only use cold infused and unrefined oils, which offer nourishment and care for the skin. Various massage techniques have a favourable effect on blood circulation, muscles and organs, and stimulate the tissue to relax and regenerate. An introductory conversation with a masseuse allows you to individually tailor your treatments according to your wishes and needs.

  • Classic massages
  • Treatments
  • Pampering massages
  • Treatments for children

Water adventures

Treat yourself to a relaxing ambient shower! Alternate water jets (warm or cold) that stimulate blood circulation of the skin, cleanse it and restore its fresh and healthy appearance. With sound and light effects, you can experience the experience the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest that will flush away negative stress, and fill the body with life energy.

As part of the water experiences, you can enjoy a massage pool (Jacuzzi) with a temperature of 38 °C and with as many as 40 massage nozzles. The movement of water splashing against the body stimulates the feeling of lightness and care, while the warm ambient calms your mind.



For those of you who want to maintain your physical fitness, you can do so with the help of professional fitness devices TehnoGym. In the 70 m2 fitness centre you can exercise on 10 different devices.

There is a running track, an elliptical trainer, a room bike, a multifunctional device for strengthening the upper parts of the body, a device for strengthening the legs, benches to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, several types of different weights, gymnastic balls, gym mats and wall bars.

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