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Wellness above the clouds



For a sound mind in a sound body, not only proper nutrition and exercises are important, but also a correct and high-quality body care. This also includes regular sauna visits to clean the body and overheat it even in cold winter days. The warm air stimulates the heart to work faster, while the body naturally consumes more energy, so some believe that sauna is also useful for losing weight.

  • Sauna cultural development
  • Four different saunas
  • Weekly sauna rituals
  • Heavenly feelings Above the Clouds

Take a shower before entering a sauna and then, after every concluded sauna experience, shower again. Then rest in the sleeping part of the wellness centre.
Visit saunas that fit your needs and as long as it suits you.
* Entrance to wellness from 14 years old onwards. Please consider that these rooms are for rest, peace and relaxation.


Wellness services

Care for yourself. Your body should be in the first place of the list. With a wide range of massage techniques in our wellness centre, we help many people to relax tensions and encourage the flow of life energy. Put yourself in the professional hands of our therapists; everything will stop for you and you will be able to feel your body in full size. Relaxation, pleasant thoughts and soft oily skin – this is what you have after a great massage which helps to eliminate stress.

  • Professional services of massage, beauty and meditation
  • Support the harmony of your body, mind, spirit and heart
  • Treatments tailored specifically to your needs
  • Pamper your senses Above the Clouds

Different massages also have other different effects on your body, but it is common for all to feel more flexible and relaxed. For example, a massage with hot stones is a combination of volcanic rock and various temperatures and energetic action that immediately removes stress. By laying stones, it stimulates the blood flow and relaxes the tension of painful muscles. It is scientifically proven that the classical massage returns a hormonal balance, reduces the level of cortisol hormone that causes stress, regulates the secretion of the melatonin hormone, which is key to regulating sleep, and stimulates the brain to produce endorphins – natural body pain suppressors. Choose the body care or massage that is best for you and indulge yourself in the alpine relaxation paradise.
* We advise you to book the selected services in advance at the reception of the hotel

Water experiences

Besides saunas, our relaxation centre, located in the lower part of the Hotel Golte, offers an indoor and outdoor massage pool, ice geyser and ambient showers to stimulate you after a sauna visit and give you feelings of relaxation, pleasure and happiness. The sunny terrace and rest rooms will guarantee that a sense of well-being and inner balance lasts for a longer time. Our goal is to provide our guests with high-quality relaxation. The Golte Wellness Centre is a unique opportunity for a romantic break or socializing with friends.
* Limited entry for children up to 14 years of age. Please consider that these rooms are for rest, peace and relaxation.
** Unfortunately, because of the maintenance works, the outdoor pool is out of service.



For all hotel guests who want to keep fit, our fitness centre offers professional TechnoGym equipment. With proper, individually tailored exercises and perseverance, you can invigorate your body, improve your well-being, relax and strengthen the immune system. By doing this, you gain greater self-confidence and become more productive, which contributes to a successful and high-quality life in a fast pace every day.

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