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Golte is a true paradise for mountain bikers. Mountain biking is one of the most popular and accessible recreational sports, a dynamic sport that gives the rider a real contact with the nature. The Alpine Garden is the starting point for mountain bikers and the goal of road cyclists. The latter are lead to the Alpine Garden by an asphalt road.

  • Panoramic paths and unforgettable sightseeing
  • Guided cycling tours
  • Unspoilt nature and wonderful views
  • Suitable for mountain and road cyclists

Mountain bikers have the opportunity to choose between different cycling tours in the direction of Ljubno, Smrekovec, Topolščica, Črna na Koroškem, Mozirje and Logarska Dolina. We offer cycling tour programs for ladies, teenagers, experienced or inexperienced cyclists with steep climbs, lonely mountain paths and long descents inviting you to the mountains and hills surrounding the Upper Savinja Valley. Learn the adrenaline experience of cycling on lonely mountain roads and cart tracks or along gradual roads in the valley. You can also rent a bike at the Hotel Golte.
After the bicycle tour, you can invigorate yourself in one of the mountain huts or in the restaurants of the Holte Golte and relax after a meal in the wellness centre. Golte bids an excellent offer for individual cyclists, groups and families.
Take a look at the paths of cycling routes that can be an excellent choice for a short or whole day trip.



Golte offers a variety of recreational options to mountain visitors. Wonderful views of the Savinja Valley, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the eastern Karavanke mountains, and countless mountain trails suitable for beginners, recreationalists and more experienced hikers, are certainly a true paradise in this part of Slovenia. Go along the Golte Path and get to know the characteristics of the Karst Plateau.

  • Panoramic and theme paths of nature exploring
  • Guided hiking tours
  • Free maps and GPS paths
  • Suitable for families and organized groups

The secluded Karst Plateau is surrounded on all sides by the masses of impermeable rock. On the mountain, there are many sinkholes and several karst caves; certainly, the most famous cave is the Ice Cave, which would be used by local farmers for many years as a natural fridge, because it keeps snow throughout the year. More skilled hikers can try the local dishes offered on mountain heights by going to the Pastoral Culinary Path. For families with small children or less skilled hikers, the Mozirska Hut, located within 15 minutes from the Hotel Golte and 500 meters from the ski slopes, serves as an ideal haven for all hikers and winter skiers. The hut is always open. It is more peaceful on the eastern part of the plateau. On their way, hikers cross the karst thorns and the former pots for feeding livestock. Golte is a great starting point for mountain routes all the way to Smrekovac, Boskovac, Raduha, etc. The nearby Smrekovec is a 15-kilometer long mountain range in the pre-Alpine world and is the only climb of volcanic origin in Slovenia. In 1987, Golte was declared a landscape park, where a strict protection regime applies.


Alpine Garden

Nature gives us everything we need to be healthy, active and happy. The Alpine Garden is located close to Mozirska Koča (5-minute walk). The wild growing plants we encounter in the mountain world between the rocks certainly represent a special gift of nature for anyone who loves hills due to their special nature, which guarantees their survival in extreme conditions: cracks, rocky shelves and other places without much soil for survival.

  • Introduction of Alpine flora
  • Suitable for daily trips from spring until autumn
  • Tree Horoscope and Energy Point
  • Organized individual or group guiding

To present the environment and alpine plants to anyone who visits us, we created an easily accessible, the highest lying Alpine Garden in Europe on Golte. The park lies at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,400 meters above the sea level over the area of 2 hectares. Alpine Zlatko greets you and takes you to a fun and instructive guided tour around the garden where you can see your tree horoscope. While walking through the natural science learning path, you learn about tree and animal species. The panoramic route boasts the most beautiful views of the Savinja Valley. You can also take a look through the natural window. The garden offers its sound meditation point as the place of relaxation.

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