Visit to a Karst Cave

The Golte Landscape Park hides many karst caves that you can visit with a guide. For all the enthusiasts of the wonders of nature, we offer an unforgettable tour of karst caves and teach you about their creation.

Golte is 1,200 – 1500 m high karst plateau, which is surrounded on all sides by the foundations of impermeable rock of volcanic origin. It hides numerous karst phenomena. In addition to Rillenkarren, the plateau boasts a large sinkhole and several karst caves (abysses, horizontal caves, ice caves, snow caves).

The most famous of many caves is the Ledenica Cave, which, for many years, served as a natural cooler for the surrounding farmers, as snow was preserved in it throughout the year. Among the well-known caves of Golte are Medvedja Cave, Kebrova Cave, and Mesarska lopa.


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