The 5 km long ridge Golte lies at an altitude of over 1,500 m, stretches from the northeast to the southwest and lies on the eastern outskirts of the Kamnik Savinja Alps, almost as the gateway into the world of the Alps. On Golte it is possible to start in all directions of the wind, and the best ones are the winds of the southern and eastern directions, we must pay attention to the southwestern wind, which can be quite sudden in these parts. For beginners, Golte is more appropriate in the morning and in the afternoon, and in the meantime, it is better to stop for lunch because of a strong thermic. Most of the flights are from Golte to the west, flying to Kamnik Savinja Alps (Raduha, Grintovec) or even to Karavanke (Stol) and back, but if we decide to fly in one direction, it is also possible to fly to the Julian Alps and the highest peak of Slovenia, Triglav . Such flyovers are the easiest to carry out in spring or at the beginning of the summer, or on a cold front in the middle of summer.

Tandem parachute jump: we fly the bravest towards the top of the Golte Regional Park, the Medvedjak take-off point, where you can fly in tandem with an experienced professional and enjoy the incredible views extending all the way to distant places. In the panoramic flight, you will create 1,200 m altitude difference, and it will take up to 30 minutes. The flight duration depends on weather conditions!



Take-off point Medvedjak 1575 m (46 ° 21’59.0 “N 14 ° 53’19.7” E / 46.366400, 14.888800)


Leave the vehicle at the lower station of the cable car. From there, the cable car takes you to 1410 m – to the Golte Hotel. The chairlift Medvedjak connects the Golte Hotel to Medvedjak take off point.

Take-off point:

The main take-off point is slightly up to the northeast, and suitable winds are south-east, east and northeast. In the summer days it is possible to sail on the evening thermal over the entire ridge. It is also possible to start on the west side in the case of a weak western wind.

ATTENTION: We need to be careful about the chairlift, so after taking off we head straight towards the hotel and then turn right with sufficient altitude, or continue straight along the ridge in the NE direction. SW winds can rapidly increase in these parts, so we need to pay the most attention to these winds



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