Mystical underground of Golte

Take your first steps on exciting path of underground! We will visit pristine, untouched karst cave and on the intriguing walk we will observe karst phenomena, created by power of water. All the time we will be accompanied by legends, influenced by near underground environment.

Duration: cca. 3 hours
Excursions: by appointment

We will take care for equipment (helmet, gloves and headlamp). Hiking shoes are strongly advised.

The high karst plateau Golte is situated on the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and represents an example of an isolated karst. Also the name “Golte” itself is derived from the karst phenomena of underground waters, since Golte means that the mountain “swallows up” water. In a fairly pure Early Triassic limestone we can find fossils Megalodontidae (extinct large heart-shaped molluscs). Limestone creates an abundance of typical mountain karst phenomena: in addition to grikes there are lots of sinkholes and incredible 18 karst caves and pit caves, which represent the natural heritage of national importance. Part of the plateau Golte is protected as Natura 2000 cave area.



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