Alpine Garden

The Alpine Garden is a unique combination of alpine plant synergy. The Alpine Garden is dominated by autochthonous, naturally grown plants. In specific areas, the Alpine Garden has elements of a botanical garden, as we have planted certain Alpine plants there, that have not grown independently in this area, but are nonetheless typical for this Alpine environment and Golte Regional Park.

In an hour-long walk through the Alpine Garden, you will be able to admire over 100 typical alpine plants that thrive beautifully in demanding and merciless mountain conditions. For a unique experience, we take you to a guided tour of the Alpine Garden and we entrust you with the mysterious power of medicinal herbs and show you energy points with special strength.

The Alpine Garden is also interesting because of its wonderful views of the Savinja Valley and adjacent hills. There are many benches on the way, where you can relax and recharge your energy. On the way you will also encounter the tree horoscope and a presentation of the loggers’ history. The Alpine Garden is suitable both for plant enthusiasts and for wonderful family trips.

The Alpine Garden is located 10 minutes on foot from the hotel or the upper station of the cable car. After a visit, you can refresh yourself in the Mozirje cottage, which is only 5 minutes away. It is also very suitable for enriching one of the circular trails along Golte, which all lead past it.



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