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Privacy Policy and Legal Notices

The purpose of using data

You've received e-newsletter Golte hotel & mountain resort in accordance with Electronic Communications Act - ZEKom-1 (Uradni list Republike Slovenije, no. 109/12 with changes) on the basis of your application, participation in prize games or on the basis providing information and giving consent when visiting a hotel or other activities within Golte hotel & mountain resort.

With free e-newsletter Golte & mountain resort we inform you about actual event in Golte resort, general information, activities, special offers and other services, offered by Golte d.o.o.

Collecting the data according to legislation

In accordance with Personal Data Protection Act - ZVOP-1 (Uradni list RS, št. 86/2004 with changes), an individual has the right, at any time in writing or otherwise, to require that Golte d.o.o. permanently or temporarily stops using personal data for the purposes of targeted and direct marketing. Within 15 days of recieved notice Golte d.o.o. will prevent the use of personal data for the purposes of targeted and direct marketing. An individual will be informed about unsubscribtion in a five-day period.

The storage period of obtained data

The data is stored and protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). Data will be stored until cancellation.

Unsubscribe from e-newsletter Golte hotel & mountain resort

In the e-newsletters of Golte hotel & mountain resort, which you receive by e-mail, there is link "Unsubscribe" ("Odjava") on the bottom. Click on it and follow the unsubscribe process.


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