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History of Golte

The most beautiful Savinja Valley plateau, Golte, spreads over many mysterious forest and mountain paths. It all started way back in 1896 with opening of the first Mozirska Koča cottage. In 1968, the first owners started building activity and then, a year after, the first hotel was built here. Today, in all its beauty, with accommodation and culinary possibilities, it invites you to the world of experiences all year round. In 1969, the longest cableway in Yugoslavia was built. In 1999, an Italian investor took over the company. At the time, the cable car has been modernized, and a reservoir lake and snow system have been built. Company Golte d.o.o. was established in 2003; at the very nonce the owner structure also changed. During 2003 and 2004, Medvedjak and Ročka chairlifts were built. In 2008, Coalmine Company Premogovnik Velenje, or its subsidiary companies PC Invest and HTZ, became new main owners of the company. In 2010, the new hotel replaced the old one, and they started to build holiday apartments behind the hotel.

Over the years, Golte hosted different sport competitions, such as European Ski Cup (1984-86), Cycling Tour de Slovenia, etc. Among the guests who stayed at the hotel are Bojan Križaj, Janica and Ivica Kostelić, Tina Maze, Ana Drev and many others.

Welcome to the Savinja Valley – the place where you can experience Mozirje City, with views of white peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, full of mountain paths that lead you through beautiful forests. Mozirje extends over the left bank of the Savinja River, still clear and completely clean in this part, at an altitude of 340 m. The eastern part is confined to the Savinja Gorge, and in the west, the door opens towards Gornji Grad and the Logarska Dolina (valley). An important part of the municipal centre is the Mozirski Gaj horticultural park. The town of Mozirje lies directly below the high karst plateau of Golte, which belongs to the foothills of the southern Limestone Alps. The Golte Plateau is known as a ski centre. When winter leaves this place, you can surrender to various annual activities. In the original natural environment, we created the tallest and most accessible Alps Garden in Europe. The Savinja Valley, with its natural features and unspoiled nature, is ideal for any lover of any kind of recreation:

  • Water: rafting, river swimming, kayaking, canoeing;

  • Land: various cycling tours, mountain hiking, trekking, adrenaline park;

  • Snow: skiing and surfing, cross-country skiing, touring skiing, sledding, ice-climbing;

  • Air: paragliding, panoramic sighting by plane, tandem jumping by plane.

Be it active or recreational leisure or just an excursion, you can find numerous challenges, inspiration and relaxation in the Upper Savinja Valley. Feel free to imagine, come to us, take advantage of the natural and cultural richness, and enjoy any time of the year with us.

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